At UMA we offer a cuisine based on the best products we can offer our guests, mainly inspired by the local vegetable garden (Baix Llobregat and Alt Penedés) and the Mediterranean Sea. The products with which we make our proposal are carefully selected by our chef, who never ceases in his efforts to bring those who visit us the best of our environment. Every day we receive notices from our producers about the availability of the most exceptional products, whether they are fish, seafood or vegetables, without a doubt a wonderful source of inspiration and added motivation to taste our environment in the most sustainable way.



At UMA we have proposed to offer a gastronomy far from food speculation. Our goal is to generate 0 organic waste. To do this we strive to acquire only and exclusively the food that we are going to process for your enjoyment and make with them a circular gastronomy in which each waste is used in one or another elaboration. This is the driving force that motivates us to offer a unique seasonal tasting menu based on local produce, with no other alternative than those required for health reasons for our diners.
At UMA we have also vetoed products whose popularity promotes an excessive production or capture, thus reducing either the prosperity of some species or the quality of certain foods.



We have recently had the opportunity to acquire a small agricultural space from which we have begun, timidly, but excitingly to produce some of the vegetables, herbs and flowers that are served in the proposal of UMA. Our desire is to hook ourselves to the natural cycles of all those products that we are passionate about in order to be able to supply our proposal in a self-sufficient way with our own production and organic farming. For this we have the collaboration of organic producers who currently supply our space.

The Menu

At UMA we offer a unique surprise tasting menu with which we try to bring you closer to our history, our tradition and our concerns. We also want you to be infected by our taste for gastronomy, our experiences and above all by the deep respect we have for the raw material, always the protagonist of our proposal. A menu that attendees discover in unison in order to enjoy an experience without distractions.
The proposal varies depending on the creations and offers around 10-12 courses. The approximate duration of the menu is 2:30h. During this time, we invite you to pause your lives and let yourself be carried away by your senses.


(Drink not included)
TASTING MENU served at the “chef’s table” 140,00€ (Drink not included)
TASTING MENU served at the “kitchen counter” 140,00€ (Drink not included)

PAIRING (Optional)
Short 68,00€
Long 98,00€




Monday, Friday and Saturday
13:30h midday service

Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
20:30h evening service

Tuesday and Wednesday closed, groups only


C/ Mallorca 275, Bajos local 1A
08008 Barcelona

Tel: 656 99 09 30