Frequent questions



What does UMA mean?

Fork in Swahili

Is there a menu?

No, at UMA we only offer a single tasting menu.

Can we arrive early?

Of course, at UMA we have a reception lounge where you can enjoy a drink before the start of the experience.

What happens if we have booked for (example) 3 and one does not come?

Attendees will be charged for the total number of diners booked as their purchase and preparation will have been done in advance. You can ask for the dishes of the absent person to be served anyway, in any case the menu will be charged in full.

Have I been asked for a credit card when booking, is there any charge on that card?

No, none, only in case of non-compliance with the cancellation policy. Otherwise, you can pay on the spot with that card or the payment method of your choice. The booking platform complies with all security measures and guarantees for the completion of the reservation.

Can I take a break during the experience to go out for a smoke?

It is always convenient to let a waiter know if you wish to take a short break, he will indicate the best time to do so, in the case of having presented your next pass, if you do not let us know of your break, this dish will be lost and will not be cooked again. Remember that all diners enjoy the experience in unison.

I am a vegetarian, do you recommend the experience?

At UMA we strive to make the vegetarian experience as interesting and complete as the omnivorous alternative. In the case of vegetarian menus we do appreciate the freedom to cook with dairy, eggs and mushrooms so as not to excessively close the range of possibilities. 

Do you have parking?

We do not have private parking but we are located a few meters from parking lots, either in Paseo de Gracia or Pau Claris.

How do I ask for an invoice?

By sending an email to attaching your ticket and company details.

Who should I contact if I have a special request?

(press, suppliers, collaborations, CV, administration, etc).
Espacio UMA we are only two people, to manage everything!
Anna Yébenes and Iker Erauzkin.

For any questions or requests please send us an e-mail to

How many courses are on the menu?

The experience is usually composed of snacks, 10-12 savory dishes and 2 desserts. This is not a fixed structure but is adapted and modified according to the seasonal menu. 

Can I see the current menu?

No, the menu is always a surprise, you can find in our social networks or on this website a slight preview of the style of cuisine we offer but the menus or part of them are made almost daily. 

What happens if I arrive late?

You will probably miss the start of the experience. UMA’s service is done in unison for the entire room and we cannot ask the rest of the diners, who have arrived on time, to wait for anyone.

How do you manage cancellations in case of COVID?

Being an exceptional circumstance, the measures are equally so, in case of COVID, you must justify your infection by a valid PCR test performed within 72 hours prior to your reservation, in this case, we will propose you to change the reservation date, within 30 calendar days. The cancellation charge will be made on the date of the original reservation since the restaurant has already assumed this cost and you will be able to attend UMA within 30 days after the date of the PCR test. On the day of your attendance the menu will NOT be charged again.

I have a gift voucher, where do I redeem it and what do I do when I am asked for the card to make a reservation?

In the reservations section enter the reservation code that you will find on your gift card, respect capital letters etc. The card request is a method of verification, no charge will be made, you must enter it to book. 

Do you accept pescetarians?

Our proposal is based on fish, seafood and vegetables mainly, some elaboration with meat products occasionally so it is not a problem. Remember to indicate in your reservation your desire not to eat meat.

Are pets allowed?

No, at UMA we have a single space to share with the rest of the diners and despite being animal lovers we must be able to offer an adequate space to our diners.

Can I book at another time?

No, you can only book at another time in the case of privatizing the entire room and prior agreement with the property, who will have no problem as long as this does not interfere with previous or subsequent services.

How long is the gift voucher valid and what happens if it expires?

The gift vouchers are valid for 8 months, once this period is over the vouchers are automatically exchanged and their value is lost.

Do you have private dining rooms?

We have always said that UMA is a single private room, we always offer the possibility of privatizing the entire space from 16 diners onwards.

Is it possible to book by phone?

No, only through the website in the Reservations button.

Can I come with my child, is there a children's menu?

Being a 2h-2h30 experience we do not recommend that you come with children, that said, you know your child and you know if he/she will be able to endure the experience without interfering with the rest of the diners. The same goes for babies, they should not interfere with the experience of the rest of the guests. If you must stop to feed your baby, the rhythm of the service will continue and you will probably miss a dish, likewise, we ask you to be aware that the cries or complaints of a baby may be annoying to other diners.
We do not offer children’s menus or similar alternatives. 

Is there meat on the menu?

The proposal at UMA is mainly composed of vegetables, fish and seafood. That said, it is at the chef’s whim to cook some game in season, or to use some type of meat as an integral part of other dishes.

Will you close for vacations?

The vacations and exceptional breaks are communicated each year through social networks, these are two short periods at the beginning of January and mid-August respectively.

I don't eat fish, can I go to UMA?

The alternatives to the menus without fish and/or seafood are always vegetarian alternatives. You can come to UMA indicating in your reservation that you do not eat fish and/or seafood.

Is there access to handicapped people?

Yes, we have all the requirements not only that the legislation contemplates but also the will to offer our experience to everyone equally, regardless of their disability and always to the extent of our possibilities. 

What methods of payment do you accept, can I pay with a restaurant check?

No, you can pay by credit card, bank transfer (in the case of groups) or cash. We do not accept restaurant tickets.

What is Garden Gastronomy?

As ambassadors of Champagne La Grande Dame in Spain, we are committed to promote a gastronomy where the main focus is the vegetable element, being the protagonist of the dishes. 

Where is the UMA orchard?

In Olesa de Bonesvalls


(Drink not included)
TASTING MENU served at the “chef’s table” 140,00€ (Drink not included)
TASTING MENU served at the “kitchen counter” 140,00€ (Drink not included)

PAIRING (Optional)
Short 68,00€
Long 98,00€




Monday, Friday and Saturday
13:30h midday service

Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
20:30h evening service

Tuesday and Wednesday closed, groups only


C/ Mallorca 275, Bajos local 1A
08008 Barcelona

Tel: 656 99 09 30