UMA. From Swahili for fork. A space created for you to enjoy the best cuisine we can offer, served in the most exclusive setting, where the space and location are our gift to you.

When crafting our menu, we tailor our know-how and experience to seasonal products, to the garden, the sea and the land. We’re constantly looking to give our guests a pleasant setting and a moment of delight.

The pairing

Anna Yébenes

Anna Yébenes, food critic by training, looks after all the details in the room. She, together with passionate winegrowers and sommeliers, selects the wines that make up the wine list and that are perfectly paired with each individual dish so you can enjoy a complete experience.
Anna also personally handles every request that we receive, trying to cater to each of our guests’ needs so they can enjoy an evening that’s up to their expectations.

Surprise tasting menu

At UMA, we focus all our know-how on making a tasting menu that will let you discover our history, our tradition and our concerns. We also want you to be as passionate as we are about food, our experiences and, most of all, the deep respect we have for the ingredients, since the product is the star of what we’re proposing. A menu that guests discover in unison to enjoy the experience without distractions.
The proposal varies depending on the creations, and offers about 14 tastings. The tasting lasts approximately two and a half hours. During this time, we invite you to take a break from life and let your senses carry you away.




Monday, Friday and Saturday
13:30 – Noon service

Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
21:00 – Evening service

20:30 – Evening service



Tuesday and Wednesday, groups only.


We close at midday on Thursday and Sunday, groups only.

Please be as punctual as possible. The service will start once all the guests are present.

Management reserves the right NOT to allow late seating to those who don’t comply with this requirement. These individuals will be considered no-shows, and the cancellation policy will be applied in these cases.