The kitchen
Iker Erauzkin – Chef

Iker Erauzkin is a chef of Basque origin trained in Paris. Passionate about the gastronomy of the product and arduous defender of tradition and the environment in favor of contemporary cuisine. Restless and curious by nature, he is a great disseminator and creator of innovative gastronomic concepts. He has more than 25 years of experience in the sector and is the author of more than a dozen books and recipe books.
In addition, he advises other businesses, restaurants and brands related to the hospitality industry in his quest to spread his particular vision of the most contemporary gastronomy. Based in Catalonia for more than 20 years now, Iker Erauzkin tries to offer his diners an honest, open and close cuisine, where flavor is the main driver of an experience as imaginative as it is original and surprising.

The pairing
Anna Yébenes – sommelière

Anna Yébenes, a gastronomic journalist by training, is in charge of taking care of the details in the dining room and selecting the wines that make up the menu. Anna proposes in UMA different pairings to achieve your delight, adjusted to your desires, but always with the same objective, to enrich your dining experience.
UMA’s wine pairing varies as well as the proposal, always from the best wine professionals, from the most prestigious wineries and the most unknown artisan producers, but equally committed to their work. Anna never ceases in its efforts to offer the best wine that meets the expectations and desires of those who visit us. Always looking for ways to surprise you or to make our guests discover a whole exciting world.

Anna also attends all the requests we receive in a personal and detailed way, trying to satisfy each of the needs of our guests so that they can enjoy an evening according to their expectations.

Our history

Uma is a gastronomic space created by Iker Erauzkin and Anna Yébenes, who in 2014 decided to open a space that would be a true reflection of the gastronomy they are passionate about, a gastronomy based on affection, detail, dedication, product and willingness to serve. A way of life rather than a profession. A space where they have been building an experience increasingly involved with their environment and their personal and professional growth.
In November 2014 UMA began its journey in a small place in the neighborhood of Sants where barely 10-12 diners were received, with a tasting menu prepared from excellent raw materials, treated with all the weight of tradition and the will to satisfy their diners, with small touches of modernity that would make more sense in their most rogue project.
Nobook was the failed project of the couple that opened in the center of Barcelona in 2016 with the desire to move UMA to a better location and thus be able to expand its proposal, the circumstances of the moment led to create an innovative concept whose outcome was not the desired one and that at the moment, according to the couple, remains paused.
Consequence of that adventure was the move to the current location, barely a year later, in 2017 UMA settled in a majestic local Eixample Barcelonés, with capacity for 60 diners but that the couple reserves the privilege of space for only 18 diners, thus prioritizing the exclusivity of time, space and privacy of their diners, a real luxury in our days. The current proposal offers all the gastronomic maturity of a self-made couple, with the wisdom of those who have had to go through all the difficulties of our time, but with the same enthusiasm and dedication that drove this couple in 2014 to start this exciting journey.

the space


(Drink not included)
TASTING MENU served at the “chef’s table” 140,00€ (Drink not included)
TASTING MENU served at the “kitchen counter” 140,00€ (Drink not included)

PAIRING (Optional)
Short 68,00€
Long 98,00€




Monday, Friday and Saturday
13:30h midday service

Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
20:30h evening service

Tuesday and Wednesday closed, groups only


C/ Mallorca 275, Bajos local 1A
08008 Barcelona

Tel: 656 99 09 30