The chef

Iker Erauzkin was born in the Basque Country and trained in Paris. He’s had close ties to Catalan cuisine for more than 15 years.
Inquisitive and curious by nature, he is a great popularizer and creator of innovative culinary concepts. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the sector and has authored over a dozen cookbooks.
Also, in his desire to share his particular vision of contemporary cuisine, he advises other businesses, restaurants and brands in the hospitality sector.

Emotion, effort and attention to detail

In 2014, Iker Erauzkin decided to create his own intimate space, where he could directly offer his most personal cuisine. It was then that UMA was born, a revolutionary catering concept, a space that breaks the mold and devotes every resource within its reach to ensuring the delight of its guests.
With his wife Anna Yébenes as the maître d’, they create a space where the guests take center stage, where their satisfaction and well-being are their only goal.




Monday, Friday and Saturday
13:30 – Noon service

Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
21:00 – Evening service

20:30 – Evening service



Tuesday and Wednesday, groups only.


We close at midday on Thursday and Sunday, groups only.

Please be as punctual as possible. The service will start once all the guests are present.

Management reserves the right NOT to allow late seating to those who don’t comply with this requirement. These individuals will be considered no-shows, and the cancellation policy will be applied in these cases.